The Passion Behind the Action

Meet our Team


Maria Stroup


I am the founder of the Impact Center and an igniter of purpose and program. My primary objectives are community connection, innovative program development, and empowering young people to find their unique contribution in this world. I am responsible for advancing a mission that seeks to always be relevant and impactful.

I am passionate about dignity for all of humanity, and more specifically, equality and the cycle of poverty and its implications.

Lauren Kline


I support the inspirational work of the Impact Center by coordinating all fundraising efforts, pursuing relationships with new donors and investors, and expanding Impact Center's sources of support from major philanthropists. I work with the Board of Directors and oversee the financials. Additionally, I coordinate marketing and communication and lead Human Resource efforts. I’m honored to support these dynamic educators and the exhilarating work of Impact Center.

I am passionate about the plight of displaced immigrant & refugee families and preventing gun violence in schools.

Deb Borden


I work with the Impact Team to develop our program and coordinate with schools and faith institutions. As a facilitator and educator, I oversee the middle and high school students' service learning and leadership opportunities. I connect educators with professional development experiences to help them better engage in service with their students. It is important to me to build compassionate leaders and engaged citizens among our youth.

I am passionate about human rights and ending world hunger.

Sandi Richards


I focus on developing and sustaining strong partnerships with local nonprofits. These nonprofits will work hand-in-hand with our volunteers of all ages to provide them with the best experience possible to foster authentic growth and understanding. I find the places where our passionate kids can volunteer and find their agency in the world. I make sure we nurture reciprocal relationships with all our partners.

I am passionate about equality and education.

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How We Do What We Do

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Deborah Harding Oberly Chair

Lina Pérez-Lammot Vice Chair

Jeremy Alexander Levin Treasurer

Elizabeth Raymond Dougherty Secretary

Jean Marie Allen

Paulette Bree

Jodi Hara Brown

Michelle Chung

Jennifer Devine

Tracy Blake DeVlieger

Stephanie Hughes

Lisa Kaplan

Morgan Moore ex-officio

Sydney Nagorsky ex-officio

Katie Samson

Robert Saxon

Andrew Smith

Darren Tan

Margie Wargon

Gingi Wingard

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The Dream Behind our Team

Meet our Youth Advisory Board

Partnerships and Special Events

Middle School

Julia Kligerman

Jacob Haberman

Caroline Fleischner

Sarah Shoumer

Izzy Feldman

Sean Allen

High School

Grant Williams

Kate Scutt

Jack McLaughlin

Annelise McGowan

Emily Hersh

Peyton Turner

Lexie Manning

Eli Aronstam

Sydney Klein

Riley Hinckle

Curriculum Development and Creativity

Middle School

Charlie Cutler

Meg South

Yordi Hart Carmichael

Sophie Shapiro

Sofia Lammot

Ellie Chung

Grace Curran

High School

Yemi Hart Carmichael

Avery Hinckle

Breionna Dodson

Willow Southwell

Lily Nevo

Sadie Hornung

Dixie Lissack

Randall Brown

Brooke Oberly

Bella Willing

TJ McCabe

Maggie Kline

Caroline Burnham

Caroline Milgrim

Social Media and Marketing

Middle School

Jaison Nkala

Maia Salas

Talia Wargon

Hannah Neilly

Max Barton

High School

Ella McFarland

Laura Wallon

Caroline Shaver

Nick Hark

Sydney Brooks

Emma Woodcock

Max Brandt

Jordan Rampulla

Nick Schreder

Jasyme Nkala