Join us in our mission to change the lives of young people.


Where does my support go?

Your support will go immediately to ignite the purpose that lies within each young person to discover what it is she/he/they will contribute to humanity. You will help cultivate the creation of innovative programs for young people and empower young people to discover and act upon their desires. They will learn to contribute to the common good by learning about complex social issues and volunteering in a purposeful, sustained manner. Your support will help bolster area nonprofits in meeting community needs through the engagement of our young volunteers.


Donations allow us to…

Through your generous donations, you allow us to amplify the service-learning initiatives in schools and faith-institutions, and partner with area nonprofits to help meet their most pressing needs. We create innovative volunteer experiences for young people and offer powerful 'Lean In!' conversations about complex social issues. We design compelling Youth Leadership and Citizenship training workshops, plan engaging service experiences for the whole family, and run unparalleled service-learning trips locally, nationally and globally. By donating, you will help us offer dynamic Mitzvah and Confirmation project experiences as well as organize support for local community drives and disaster response opportunities.

The Impact Center is a Vanguard Charitable Trust Organization. Our United way Donor Choice Number is 54678. The legal name of the Impact Center can be found under the Social Impact Center.


 Impact seeks to harness the charitable nature of our friends who join with us to help to foster social responsibility, awareness, and empathy to empower future generations to live with purpose, compassion, and imagination.


If you share a vision for how our youth can ignite change,
then we hope you'll lend your philanthropic support!