Customized Mitzvah or Confirmation Projects

The Impact Center seeks to create the next generation of change-makers and ignite purpose in our community. We inspire change by investing in young people who will be known for their activism, compassion, empathy, and engaged citizenship.

Step 1: Find Your Passion

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consultation with an Impact team member to explore the possibilities and identify your area of interest.

Step 2: Research and Information 

Receive a customized list of service organizations and project ideas to deepen your understandings and connect you to experiences that will put your learning into action.

Step 3: Take Action!

Prepare. Plan. Act. Engage with your Mitzvah or Confirmation project and make an impact in your community and world! Impact will make sure your project is manageable and will serve as a resource to you throughout your experience.  We are seeking to create sustained experiences that allow you to invest in your project over time and truly have a meaning filled experience.

Step 4: Reflection and Next Steps

Reflect on your take-aways. We will help you dig deeper in a particular social issue and sustain/expand your relationship with the organization/issue. Plan your continued involvement, share your experience with others, and help to shape what you communicate about your experience in your religious service.

To Speak with an Impact Educator