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Tribute Card

To send a tribute card in honor of a special friend, birthday, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, confirmation, wedding, anniversary, or to honor the memory of a loved one, please consider purchasing a commemorative tribute card from Impact.

Legacy Gift

Learn how to structure a gift to benefit from tax and other advantages by planning a legacy gift for Impact that is consistent with your other estate plans.


Does your employer offer a matching gift program?

As part of a corporate philanthropy program, companies of all sizes will match donations their employees make to charitable organizations. When an employee makes a donation, they request a match from their employer who then makes a donation to the same organization. Learn more by contacting your human resources department to see if your employer offers one, then contact us and impact will gladly help with the paperwork.

Want to give the gift of Impact?

Your recipient will receive the Impact Experience gift information along with Impact’s calendar and a personalized note.

If you share a vision for how youth can ignite change, we hope you'll lend your philanthropic support!