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 The Impact Experience


The Impact Center believes young people are curious and open-hearted with a desire to transform their ever-changing world. In response, we unleash the promise and power of service-learning by moving passion to action in partnership with nonprofits dedicated to addressing community needs. We foster and inspire social responsibility, awareness, and empathy to propel future generations to live with purpose and compassion.



Learn and seek to understand



Engage and serve



Reflect, dig deeper, and ignite passion


How Does it Work?

  • Check out our Events page to find what you are looking for. Choose from over 50 nonprofit partnerships

  • Our team will coordinate your Impact Experience of education, service and reflection

  • To make is easily accessible, we provide the transportation to and from the event(s)

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The Impact Center inspires young people to discover and act upon their desire to contribute to the common good through active learning, meaningful and ongoing volunteer opportunities, dialogue, and reflection.